This One Simple Tactic can increase Your Brands Recognition by over 100%

Optimizing a website and marketing online are essential these days if business owners want their websites to be easily seen by potential customers.

When it comes to properly marketing websites, video marketing is one of the top techniques to use. This can help a business gain an incredibly high return on their investment as videos are favored by search engines and are shared and viewed far more often than text content. They can even double the potential click-through rates and help impact buying decisions. Video marketing is surging in popularity due to many studies showing just how effective it is.

What is Video Marketing?

Content produced online needs to be marketed properly to help optimize the website and to help entice new customers to a business, and videos are no different. With the right marketing plan for a video, it can easily reach thousands of potential customers. It can then help encourage customers to purchase a service or product or to learn more about the business so they’ll want to make a purchase in the future. It’s a way of using a common content type that’s loved by consumers to get the word out about a business. Videos are far more memorable than text posts, can be processed by our brains faster than text so they’re more likely to have an impact, and can impact the potential customer’s decision to make a purchase.

What Types of Businesses Use Video?

Just about every type of business can benefit from marketing their videos. In fact, 87% of marketers who work online use videos in some way and 65% plan to increase their mobile budgets to include room for more videos. Out of the B2B organizations, 96% use video in some capacity and even colleges and universities have a presence on video-sharing websites like YouTube. More and more businesses are learning about how videos can be an essential part of their overall online marketing plan and are using it to their advantage already.

Why is it So Successful?

When people enjoy the video they’re watching, it increases brand recognition by over 100%.

Although the videos might be short, the average consumer watches 16 minutes of video ads every month. More than half of the executives interviewed during a study claimed they would rather watch a video than read. Studies also show that when consumers enjoyed the video they watched, it increased the brand recognition by over 100% and increased their intent to purchase something by 97%. When done right, it can be a highly successful form of marketing and, since more and more consumers are watching ads and videos online, can make it easier to reach out to and reel in a new customer.

How Does Video Help With Conversion Rates?

Conversion rates are a vital component of internet marketing. Just getting the potential customer to the website helps, but isn’t enough to make sure they’ll purchase something. However, conversion can be increased by 80% when there’s a video on the landing page and when included in emails can lead to a 200% or more increase in the click-through rates to the get potential customer to the website. After watching a video online, more than 64% of consumers are more likely to buy the product online. Videos can help bring the potential customers to the website and then help sell the products on the website to lead to a significant increase in the business’s revenue from the website. They can help through any part of the marketing sales funnel to help increase the number of potential customers converting to customers and to help encourage them to shop on the website again in the future.

How Does a Video Impact Customers?

The main point to consider is the impact the video is going to have on the potential customers once it’s marketed properly. Even if it doesn’t convince a potential customer to make a purchase right away, it does encourage them to make one before long and can help them recognize the business when they’re online in the future. In fact, 80% of users can recall a video they saw in the past month and the average consumer watches approximately 32 videos per month. About a third of consumers trust video ads, which is significant as one-third of all online activity is watching videos. Consumers are also more likely to share videos than they are text content, with 92% of consumers being willing to share some of the videos they watch. This can help the videos reach many more potential customers and, since the video was shared by someone they might know, could lead to a further increase in potential sales.

What’s the Return on Investment?

Many businesses are worried about the cost of marketing their videos compared to what they’re going to get back in revenue. However, marketing videos has an incredibly high ROI and can increase a business’s revenue significantly. Around 90% of consumers note that watching a video has an impact on their decision to purchase something and consumers are more than ten times more likely to share or comment on videos than they are text content, making it easier for the videos to be shared to many more people without costing more. With the right optimization, a video can also increase your website’s ranking in Google, with the chance of ranking on the first page being 53 times more likely than if the website didn’t have video content.

If you’re interested in making sure you get the most from your videos, start working with us, an NJ video marketing company, today. We can help with video SEO and marketing for your videos to ensure they are working hard to entice new customers and to help potential customers make the decision to purchase a product or service from you. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.

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Please fill out this quick and easy form and we will provide you with an instant PDF download of the price of this package. You won’t need to speak to anyone.
Please fill out this quick and easy form and we will provide you with an instant PDF download of the price of this package. You won’t need to speak to anyone.