Postcreatives partners with expert website developers and works with their clients to enhance the potential of their websites by providing custom video and photography assets. Our philosophy is this: purpose-driven, website-focused videos paired with the latest and greatest websites enable every business to maximize their combined return-on-investment by providing more reasons for potential customers to stay on your website, learn more about your brand, and want to engage with your company.

Header Video for: Monmouth Plastic Surgery

Increase Visitor Engagement

If you're looking to quickly engage your website visitors and entice them to spend time on your site, your website has to make an impression quickly. In this case, you're going to want to maximize how you utilize the valuable real estate on your pages, or what is known as "the fold": typically the part of the page which is visible without scrolling.

Here are two examples of how we can accomplish this with video...


Best practice dictates that these muted videos should be looped, picturesque, and visually engaging. Without a script or music to play with, header videos have to implement visual metaphors, so think critically about your company’s branding.

Homepage Videos

If you’re a fan of white space and don't want to opt for an end-to-end header, embedding a video front and center is a great built-in call to action. Unlike header videos, these can utilize sound and do not have much of an effect on your site's load time.

Sectional Videos for: Rising Sun Construction

Decrease Bounce Rates

Video is one of the most foolproof ways to keep people on your site. According to Social Media Marketing giants Digital Sherpa: 80% of website visitors watch a video! In an ideal world, the best way to leverage this fact would be to feature a video on every single page—explaining your products/services, demonstrating your values, showing previous work, or even focusing on your company's unique culture. But we realize that's not always the most practical option, so consider these options as optimal areas to allocate a portion of your marketing budget.

Blog Posts

Content is king! In a world of digital saturation, you've got to have killer content in order to get noticed. Custom branded videos that you can feature on your blog are a highly-effective way to do this. If you host them through YouTube, they'll pull double duty in 1. being shareable and 2. creating another stream of traffic. For your featured images, pull a dynamic still image and Photoshop a play button over it to increase Click-Through Rates—on your site, on social media, and in your email marketing.


With e-commerce sites, there's simply no better way to engage potential customers than with product videos. With all the knowledge in the world at their fingertips, people love researching options before they lock in on a purchase. Short, effective product videos can assist in cutting down the amount of research your customer will have to do, which entices them to continue shopping with you.

Homepage Video for: Accutronic Security Systems

Increase COnversions

Websites are a growth tool. Whether you're trying to bolster your customer base, increase your subscribers, or recruit new talent, your site is a critical component of generating conversions. In the highly competitive field of online marketing, if you're looking to up the ante, consider putting a video on the following 4 types of pages.


Videos are Key, but so is Custom Photography

Pair our videos with our amazing custom photography and you'll have a site that is visually second-to-none. Rather than having to rely on stock imagery that visitor's have seen on a million sites, the one-of-a-kind video and photo assets we create for you give your website developer custom imagery to implement throughout your site, allowing them to have more creativity in how they are able to present your brand to your audience. In the cutthroat world of business, the more unique you are—the more memorable you are.