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America is a mobile society. The days when a couple got married, bought a house, settled down, and raised a family without moving are long gone.

The average worker in the U.S. can expect to move more than 10 times. While some moves may simply be across town, more are to completely new cities or states.

Moving is a stressful time. A new job, coworkers, schools, doctors—the list goes on seemingly forever. At the top of the list is finding the right house to make a home. Every city has plenty of real estate agents to choose from to ease the process. However, not all agents utilize the best and most modern techniques.

House hunting trips are popular but expensive. Cramming 25 home visits into one day is not only exhausting, but confusing. After a while they tend to blend together in your memory. Repeated calls to the real estate agent can help sort them out, but it will still be difficult to select the final candidates after one or two frenzied days of searching.

Why go on multiple home visits in one day when you can tour homes by Pulte from your computer?

The Limitations of Photos

Photographs help to keep each home distinct and separate but, unless time and skill are employed by professional photographers, they tend to be grainy, poorly lighted, and typically show only a few aspect angles. Even when made into a slideshow or collage, the impression is one of a series of photographs, not of a walking tour of a prospective home.

Benefits of Real Estate Videos

The best and most modern way to present a home to potential purchasers is to engage the services of a professional video production company. Techniques such as the use of drones for both aerial and 360-degree views as well as backlighting can make a home come alive in a way that snapshots or virtual tours cannot. Clients are able to compare homes down to the details of floor coverings, cabinet closures, and plumbing fixtures using high-quality real estate videos.

Our home tour video for Pulte Homes shows many details of the model home, including doors, cabinets, countertops, and more.

Production of home tour videos is the best way to showcase model homes and new communities as they are developed. Families can get a sense of the available features of homes as well as a glimpse into the lifestyles of the emerging neighborhoods in each community. As a part of selecting the perfect new home, they can walk to school, visit the grocery store and jog or bike the trails in their new surroundings virtually without leaving their living rooms.

Our highest ranking videos on Vimeo have tens of thousands of views! This particular video shown here has over 30,000 views.

Online collaboration between the builder, the real estate agent, and the prospective purchaser are made possible using real estate videos as well. Questions arising about built-in features that cannot be fully displayed can be answered in real time, as all participants view the same portion of the video simultaneously. A model home video can be used as an opportunity to ask the builder and the real estate agent about including changes to floor plans and room layouts as the family’s new home is under construction.

A commercial real estate video for Rising Sun Construction, used in the header of their website.

Real estate agents can make their offerings stand out from all others by utilizing state-of-the-art video techniques now available. Online real estate videos translate into more views, more inquiries and, eventually, more sales. Professional video production companies such as Postcreatives make good partners. Sales records will reflect the benefits.