Postcreatives Helps Sell Hundreds of New Homes


Recently, Postcreatives has partnered with one of our most exciting clients to date: Pulte Home Group.

Pulte Home Group is a real estate developer and parent company of Pulte Homes, Centex Homes, and DelWebb Homes. After seeing one of our optimized videos on YouTube last year they recognized the unique visual and artistic style in which Postcreatives produces our videos. After a trial run of around thirty videos in a three month span, Pulte Homes awarded Postcreatives our largest contract to date. Now Postcreatives is proud to say that we have become the exclusive video production company for Pulte Home Group in the Northeast Corridor.

With over one hundred videos and counting already produced for Pulte Home Group, Postcreatives has helped to sell thousands of new homes in the New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania region, with our market expanding every day. As we embark on this epic journey with Pulte Homes we have not only increased their sales exponentially but also flourished creatively as we continue to find new and innovative ways to showcase these homes and community developments.

During our time partnered with Pulte, we have identified and introduced four different sets of video styles for the client’s various needs. Our Quick Move In videos showcases homes and communities that are already built and ready for move in. This approach has proven extremely effective as nearly all of our Quick Move In homes featured in our videos have been sold in just a few months, or even weeks, span. Our Planned Tour videos act as a guide to what your living experience could be. Showcasing Pulte’s model homes, consumers have been able to see and design their dream homes based solely on our Planned Tour model homes. Our Lifestyle videos show what your life in the community can be like, with an emphasis on the amenities the community offers such as community centers, swimming pools, tennis courts, etc. Our Community videos give people a glimpse into a day in the life of a member of that community. These videos emphasize the uniqueness of the community as a whole and showcase what it truly means to live in a Pulte community.

Using only state of the art equipment, such as drones and GoPro, along with a visionary cinematic style and approach, Postcreatives has exceeded all of Pulte Homes’ expectations. With thousands of homes sold and counting, Pulte loves Postcreatives’s work so much that they literally can’t build homes quick enough for us to film them. With another years worth of videos already under contract, it is safe to say that the partnership between Pulte and Postcreatives has only just begun. As we continue to strive toward unique and innovative ways to improve our style and process, Pulte Home Group is the perfect client for us to grow with.

In addition to the videos showcasing and selling various homes and communities, Postcreatives produced a three-part documentary series called Built To Honor. This series, from the Pulte Homes program of the same name, followed and documented the building of a home for a true American hero. Honoring disabled veterans, Pulte’s program was designed to help give disabled veterans brand new mortgage free homes so that they can live the full and meaningful life they deserve as heroes of our country. Postcreatives is extremely proud to have been a part of this event and we salute all of the heroic veterans who have fought for our beautiful country.

As Postcreatives continues to move forward and perfect our craft, we are supremely excited to continue our long term partnership with Pulte. As the most effective method of marketing Pulte has ever had, it is safe to say that the client is more than happy with the product Postcreatives is providing. We look forward to helping get people into their dream home and making Pulte Home Group shine brighter.