How Much Does Professional Video Production Cost?

Professional Video Production

Considering online video marketing? Want to get professional, high quality video for your business? In this post, we unravel the real cost of professional video production.

The good news is that not all video production services cost an arm and a leg. The cost varies depending on several factors. But what’s important to understand is that the investment in professional video production services is worth the money spent. It should be considered more of an investment than an expense, typically because a professional has the experience, the expertise and the equipment to create top quality videos that deliver your brand message with a greater impact. Professional videos make a long-lasting impression on viewers.

However, a poor quality video shows a lack of seriousness about your business and a lack of professionalism. And when potential customers watch such videos, they instantly feel that if you aren’t serious about your business, you will not take their business seriously.

Professional services might seem costly initially, but the value a well-executed video delivers is much higher than the cost incurred. High-budget corporate video packages typically range from $5,000 to $25,000, but may go as high as $100,000 depending on the length of the video, special effects and number of filming locations. 

Video Production Cost Drivers

  1. Time
    It may be a cliché but time is truly money when it comes to getting professional video production services. It can be viewed as a cost driver. The more time is spent in pre-production planning, script development, location scouting, shooting and editing, the more it may cost you. However, the cost incurred is nothing compared to the final product.
  2. Talent
    Talent is also a cost driver. Based on your video message, idea and script, how many people you need also adds to your production cost. Remember that not everyone has a great on-screen presence. In most cases, a production company will have to hire professional on-screen actors and voice over actors. Experienced and talented actors will cost you more. If you’re dealing with members of your organization to drive to messaging that’s ok but then be prepared to be patient because once the lights go on certain people can freeze up even if they are the most loquacious and outgoing of people! 
  3. Location
    Where are you shooting? Are you shooting indoors or outdoors? Are you shooting at different locations? Do you need to travel between different locations? Do you need to rent a studio? Get a permit to shoot at a location? All these add to the cost of video production.

Simply put, the cost will vary on video concept, location, crew, and talent needed as well as planning and post-production time. Only a professional whom you choose to work with can give you a proper estimate of the cost you are likely to incur.

To learn more about cost of video production in NJ we have created a detailed pricing page that you can find here or to find out how can you get a professional video produced within your budget, get in touch with us today!