Do you have a product to sell? Videos Offer a High Return on Investment!


Thousands of new products are launched every business day…

Most either fail or have only modest success. Those making a splash in their market niche usually do so for one of two reasons. Either the product fills a void or crucial need, or the company uses the right marketing technique to ensure success. Most successful new products fall into the latter category.

Most larger companies have in-house marketing groups whose job is to formulate and execute a strategy for new product introduction, as well as to continually update and promote existing ones. Established brand names with widespread or universal recognition often make the tasks easier, permitting traditional processes to succeed. All too often, products fail simply because some corporations have not changed their strategies to take advantage of the new technologies that are available.

Product video for Crime Eye

Successful company and product branding are accomplished by gaining prospective consumers’ attention. This is done through the use of the media that will reach the largest percentage of the intended audience. In earlier times, newspaper advertising and catalog mailings were the best means. Radio and television eventually replaced periodicals, and mass mail-outs began to target specific groups or locations. All of these techniques have been successful, but are now outdated.

Product Marketing in the Digital Age

The advent of the internet and the rapid expansion of mobile devices have created marketing strategies that can target specific groups, ages, income levels, and geographic areas. New product videos can be introduced to more people more quickly than envisioned even half a decade ago. With access to big data, trial testing of new products can be accomplished before incurring the expense of region- or nation-wide campaigns. Product lines can be created, altered, expanded, or canceled by the judicious use of branding and trial videos.

Product video for Arch Jewelry

Video production companies like us are taking advantage of their capabilities in several ways. Awareness of products that are not well-known or are successful in limited areas can be enhanced. New products can be introduced to either a wide or narrowly focused audience depending upon the marketing strategy. Products not yet on the market can be introduced even while any patents are still in process or packaging and production issues remain unsettled. Just as trailer videos are widely disseminated for movies and television programming to build anticipation, a creative agency can enhance product success through product videos.

Product video for Fade Scar Gel

Choose Postcreatives for Product Videos

Choosing the right company can be a major factor in making a product stand out whether for an initial offering, re-labeling of an existing item, or a change in the ingredients or sizes available. As an example, many campaigns have been reportedly been successful due to the use of product videos in NJ and throughout the tri-state area. Postcreatives is utilizing cutting-edge video technology to expand our reach into other states as well. Product branding through the use of video, taking advantage of the ability to reach large audiences through creative marketing, and keeping up with the state-of-the-art developments in big-data technology have created a completely reinvigorated advertising industry.