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As a leading up and coming SaaS company, WorkWave knew they wanted to differentiate themselves from the competition. Like any great company, they recognized that the best way to tell their story was to hear it from the clients they service. Based out of the beautiful Bell Works building, located in Holmdel New Jersey, WorkWave knew it was important to tell a rich and fulfilling story while highlighting all of the things that make them a leading international Software as a Service company. That’s why they came to Postcreatives!

Postcreatives made the trip all the way to Vancouver, Canada to meet with, an organic food service that delivers healthy and natural food directly to your door. At SPUD, we captured all of the ways WorkWave streamlines their logistics and increases their efficiency.

From the warehouse to the office to the trucks that make the deliveries, Postcreatives was able to showcase just how impactful WorkWave is on their clients & businesses. We created a testimonial video that showed off WorkWave’s amazing software while simultaneously capturing the beauty of Vancouver in our trademark cinematic style.

Getting the opportunity to work with WorkWave has been extremely exciting for us at Postcreatives. As an up and coming SaaS company with such influential software, it’s easy to see why WorkWave’s future is bright. We can’t wait to continue our partnership with WorkWave in the future; who knows where it might take us!


Jay Peine - Manager, Interactive Design

Tom and his crew were great to work with. They created a video for us that everyone throughout the company absolutely loved. I appreciated their attention to every last detail when putting the video together. Well done!

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