Spirit Halloween

A Spencer Gifts Company

Every year Spirit Halloween, a division of the international Spencer’s Gifts, creates the most stunning and cutting edge home animatronic products. Spirit knew that the best way to showcase all of their awesome and innovative products was to create a comprehensive and cinematic product videos. That’s why they came to Postcreatives!

We worked hand in hand with Spirit’s in-house team to educate them on the video production process and helped them produce a visually stunning product video campaign.


Postcreatives captured the true "SPIRIT" of Halloween by showcasing the animatronics’ movements and animations that was cut seamlessly together to create Tragedy Strikes at Spirit Acre Farms.

The cinematic 24 video series went on to appear in every one of Spirit’s 1325 stores in the US and Canada over the Halloween season and has since garnered almost 2.6 million views on YouTube!

The work that Postcreatives did with Spirit Halloween was some of the most fulfilling work we have done yet. Not only did we conceptualize and produce a video that garnered national attention, Postcreatives also helped educate Spirit and their in house team to better succeed in the future. We can’t wait to work together again in the future; who knows what spooky and scary stuff we get to explore next time!

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