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Shifting the public safety paradigm.

We had a great time shooting with ProPhoenix - a company that provides public safety software to emergency services professionals across the country. Their product suite includes on-demand solutions that make it easier for law enforcement officers, firefighters, EMS, and citizen services to connect and communicate in crisis situations.



But what does ProPhoenix's tech entail? Our software explainer video sought to clarify the company's mission, as well as humanize the brand by showcasing the software being used in various real-world situations.

Our ultimate goal? To inform more police and fire departments about the next generation public safety software.

Our video work highlights ProPhoenix's public safety software in various real-world situations and also enabled us to provide them with outstanding assets through video and photography for their website and print collateral.

In addition to the software explainer video, we were also able to provide custom photography and video assets for their website and print collateral.



We created two sets of videos: one for large video backgrounds on the website, and one with added text captions for YouTube and Vimeo. That way, the text we added would not interfere with anything on the website. We shot footage at multiple locations in New Jersey, including Evesham Fire & Rescue and a police department. These different locations allowed us to show different scenarios in which the ProPhoenix software would be used.

In addition to video, we took several hundred still images that matched the style of the videos. These images were used throughout the website layout to make something truly custom for the client, rather than using stock.

We started off this design by creating mockups of all the pages in Photoshop. We then transferred the PSD mockups to Invision, where we were able to make certain elements have hover states and links to other pages. Once these pages were finished, we sent the link to the client and they were able to ask for changes directly on the screens. This streamlined the design process and made it easier to get feedback.


“Information sharing is the key to safe and effective law enforcement.” -




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