Ohaus Corporation

The Defender 5000

Introducing ...The Defender 5000 by Ohaus

When we were approached by JK DESIGN to help produce this product video we were thrilled to be working with an award winning agency with an outstanding reputation for branding & design. They knew that they needed to deliver a knock out punch for their client Ohaus Corporation and needed to partner with a production house that could deliver big!

OHAUS Corporation manufactures balances and scales for the laboratory, education, industrial and speciality markets worldwide. So producing a great video for their new series "The Defender 5000" was not something they were willing take a gamble on. Everyone involved knew it had to be a killer presentation. After all sales were depending on it!

First, JK DESIGN got to work on the storyboard and script. Postcreatives worked in collaboration every step of the way.

Then they produced very high level Photoshop mockups of exactly how they wanted the video to look and feel. Lighting, Coloring, Font Selections and so on...

As you can see from the images to the left and the video directly underneath we were able to duplicate the exact look and feel that our client wanted!

Here are some "Behind The Scenes" images from our filming day.


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