Timelapse Video

Subway Wraps

Makers Series

In this Makers Series we wanted to capture the essence of the grit of the NYC subway system while showcasing the beauty of the art work of the AXE Body Spray campaign.

 What better way to show the enormity of the process than with a high definition timelapse video?

For this case study video, we wanted a way to show the total scope of the project while also focusing on the intricate close-ups to show the details of the installation. So, we juxtaposed tight shots of the action with wide establishing shots to demonstrate the full picture.

 Rather than capturing a stationary timelapse video, we opted for a still-motion timelapse. We set the camera up on a slider and took still photos at incremental lengths, then stitched them all together to create a dynamic timelapse effect.

In the end, the combined effects came together to create a comprehensive visual representation of the process from start to finish.


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