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Beumer Group has been a supplier of systems and equipment for the transportation of bulk and piece goods around the world for many years. When they approached Postcreatives to create an in-depth case study video showcasing their logistics and order fulfillment services for their client L.L. Bean, we couldn’t have been more excited. Postcreatives knew the best way to capture the amazing things the Beumer Group does for their clients like L.L. Bean.

Knowing the best way to communicate their work and effectiveness was to hear it directly from the clients themselves, we flew out to Freeport, Maine to capture Beumer Groups’ work in action. We sat down with everyone from L.L. Bean from the executives to the engineers to see just how much the Beumer Group did for them every single day.


We captured incredible footage of L.L. Bean’s systems and facilities at work, seeing the innovative logistics and processes that helped them fulfill orders worldwide. We spoke directly with people from L.L. Bean and the Beumer Group to tell the complete story of their successful partnership together.


It was a huge honor to work with two global players in the Beumer Group and L.L. Bean on this project. The Beumer Group has worked with many different video production companies in the past and we were honored that they considered our video the best video that has ever been created for them. Postcreatives can’t wait to work on our next project with the Beumer Group!


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