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Englishtown Fire Department

Every Day Heroes

Public Safety is our #1 Goal!

We had a great time shooting with the Englishtown Fire Dept. - A FD that provides public safety and emergency services to their community at large. Their team includes a collection of law enforcement officers, firefighters, EMS, and citizen services to connect and communicate in crisis situations.


Their goal for creating this video series is to shine a light on how heroic, selfless and rewarding this volunteer job actually is. It takes a certain type of  individual to become a volunteer of this magnitude due to the commitment involved but totally worth doing if you can help just one person.

Their ultimate goal? To inform the general public that fire departments around the Country need volunteer's to do their part and help out when it comes to public safety.

Our video work highlights the Englishtown Fire Dept's, public safety training in various real-world situations and also enabled us to provide them with outstanding assets through video and photography for their social media campaigns.


“We think it's inherent in people to want to help other people.” -

Englishtown Fire Dept.


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