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Fresh, Hot and Fast

A one-of-a-kind dining experience for your entire family.

Cafe Spezia is a well-loved restaurant that prides itself on using the freshest possible ingredients to make a delicious array of seasonal dishes. They are known for their family-friendly atmosphere and the outstanding quality of their made-to-order food.

Cafe Spezia enlisted Postcreatives to produce their 30-second restaurant ad, which was shown in local AMC theaters, on television, and online. Our goal was to make audiences drool by capturing the taste of their amazing food while matching the aesthetic of the video to the atmosphere of the restaurant.  

Location is everything - even on the internet, so the ad featured a different call-to-action depending on the platform it lived on. For example, the restaurant ad that played in AMC Theaters included a specific call-to-action for moviegoers who would receive a discount on their meals. This increased the likelihood that viewers would take action after watching the ad.

“Our chef’s approach ensures seasonally inspired dishes and hand-crafted pastas with only the finest and freshest ingredients in every dish.”

No matter the medium, you've only got a few seconds to capture an audience's attention. To ensure audience engagement. we paired a fast-paced edit with colorful visuals, complementary music, and a strong voiceover. As with any good restaurant, the food is the star, so we focused heavily on showcasing the freshness of the ingredients with pops of the customer experience.

This Ad was awarded a Platinum MarCom Award for excellence in video production & Web Design.


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