BrainStorm Tutoring & Arts is a diverse and highly-skilled network of young professionals who use motivation and mentorship to inspire personal and academic excellence in students of all ages. Launched in 2006, the company is the brainchild of Scott Doty and Ashley DiPetrillo, local graduates (Ramsey HS ‘99 and Ramapo HS ‘98, respectively) who saw a need in their community and have worked diligently to meet it ever since.


When it comes to students, Scott Doty is on a mission: to equip male and female, young and old for Dominance on Test Day, Confidence for Life. Creating life opportunities is the heart of BrainStorm’s purpose, and Scott is the spearhead of the effort.

When it comes to parents, Scott has a related aim: to empower parents to become engaged, proactive assets to their children’s educational process.

When Brainstorm decided to expand beyond Bergen County they strategically partnered with Sportika, the premier youth sports facility in Monmouth County, they felt that there was the perfect relationship for their expanding educational empire. Of course, who else to tell their story but Postcreatives? But let's face it when you are as high achieving a soul as Scott you only want to partner with the best! Wink, wink!


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