Avana Capital is a private commercial real estate lender that invests in more than just businesses; they invest in dreams. Helping to turn Sportika from a dream into a reality, Sinat Patel and Matt Hunt, understood not only the financial value in a company like Sportika, they understood the mission.

After Postcreatives partnered with Sportika on a video series, Avana Capital saw the amazing potential in a video of their own and approached Postcreatives. Knowing that they needed to differentiate themselves from traditional commercial real estate lenders, Postcreatives and Avana felt that the best approach was to showcase their biggest success story…Sportika!

With our video for Avana Capital, Postcreatives took a testimonial video to the next level! After introducing the founders of Avana, we decided to focus on Sportika's experience with Avana to showcase just what Avana can truly do. Featuring shots of the entire Sportika facility, Postcreatives was able to physically show just how much of a difference Avana Capital was for Sportika, back when it was just a dream.


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