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Great Coffee Saves Lives


Asbury Park Roastery is a neighborhood staple that sells freshly roasted organic and fair trade coffee. In addition to serving delciousness straight to the consumer, they also serve as a wholesale partner with restaurants across the country.

We were thrilled to work with the company that has deliciously caffeinated us through so many 9AM creative meetings, and thankful that they kept it local in hiring us as their New Jersey video production partner. 


Our goal with this video was to capture the freshness of the ingredients, highlight some of the quirky Asbury atmosphere, and showcase the care and focus that goes into creating an outrageously good cup of coffee. We paired clean and simplistic imagery with a retro song and a fun font to encapsulate the culture in which Asbury Park Roastery was born. We wanted to show the entire coffee making process - from roasting to pouring - to showcase the amount of effort and detail that goes into producing a single cup of Asbury's finest coffee. 

Throughout the process of working with the Asbury Park Roastery team, it became clear that our philosophy was nearly identical.


Keep it simple - make it good.



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