Air Liquide Advanced Materials

     An Ann Green Communications Video

Air Liquide Advanced Materials - Directors Cut


Postcreatives recently had the pleasure of working with Ann Green Communications, one of the premier public relations and consulting companies in the world, on one of our biggest projects to date. We partnered with Ann Green to develop a comprehensive corporate culture video for ALAM (Air Liquide Advanced Materials), a subsidiary of the multi-billion dollar chemical conglomerate Air Liquide. ALAM specializes in developing cutting edge chemicals for the fast growing semiconductor industry, which powers state-of-the art technology from your smartphones to Virtual Reality.


Postcreatives was able to go behind the scenes of this top secret company to capture just how they make these life-changing chemicals. We spoke to members of the company from the CEO to the scientists performing this cutting-edge work to get the full picture of what it means to work at ALAM.


We shot cinematic style B-roll footage of the machinery and scientists at work, all while stressing ALAM’s core values of safety, results, and communication through in-depth interviews with people from every level of the company.


Postcreatives couldn’t be more pleased with how this project turned out, allowing us the creative freedom to produce a truly comprehensive corporate video that captured what it really means to work at ALAM. Ann Green Communications was a fantastic partner to work with and collaborate with and we can’t wait to have the opportunity to work on our next project together!


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