Having been Advanced Wellness’s creative agency and video production provider for over 5 years, Postcreatives has produced seventeen videos for Advanced Wellness. Understanding the potential of video marketing, Advanced Wellness has come back to Postcreatives time and time again because our videos work! After launching their brand new life changing initiative, the Know Your Wellness Score, Advanced Wellness approached Postcreatives once again for a brand new video series. Always striving for unique and innovative ways to tell our client's story, Postcreatives set out to create a lifestyle documentary type series to follow these amazing stories and provide touching examples of how the Know Your Wellness Score and Advanced Wellness changes lives.

"DiSanto Sisters" Campaign


We followed the DiSanto sisters amazing story of how the Know Your Wellness Score changed their lives. Creating one longer video, as well as supplementing it with more concise 30 second pre-roll ads, Postcreatives created an entire series focusing on all the aspects in which these sister went from being uncomfortable in their own skin, to owning it on wedding day.

"Distanto Sisters" Campaign Teasers

Campaign :30 Teaser

Shana :30 Teaser

Nicole :30 Teaser

Christine :30 Teaser

"Cross Couple" Campaign

For the second part in Postcreatives' lifestyle series for Advanced Wellness, the Cross Couple, Postcreatives wanted to highlight all of the ways Advanced Wellness can change people's lives. The Cross couple takes full advantage of all of the services the Know Your Wellness Score offers and Postcreatives knew this was the key to telling the best story. This video series shows how Postcreatives can find the perfect way to tell your story and prove why Advanced Wellness continues to come back time and again.

The Brossa's

Advanced Wellness Onboarding Video


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