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Conveying a lot of technical information at once can be really, really difficult. When you're talking about intangible concepts, sophisticated algorithms, and products that exist entirely in the cloud, you can lose people pretty quickly.

Computer on Desk

To combat this, a lot of tech marketers try to soften the blow with a run-of-the-mill animated explainer video that lists the product features and bombards people with cartoonish visual metaphors.

But UserReplay isn't just any tech company.

Website Homepage Video

For UserReplay's homepage video, we thought outside the box, seeking to humanize their software by placing it in the hands of real-life people. Their script doesn't focus entirely on the tech specs, rather it highlights the benefits their platform provides to the end user's end user - the person who really matters. 

Girls on Phone

Guy on Couch

The purpose of this video was to engage website visitors and implore them to continue clicking around UserReplay’s site in order to find out more information.

User Reply

We also produced a product demo video for leads who were further along in the marketing funnel. This gated content video took a deeper dive into the platform’s functionalities to cater to a user in the later stages of the customer journey. This video was gated on a demo download landing page to encourage conversions.

Product Demo

User Reply

In both cases, we paired the script with accompanying visuals to tell a comprehensive story. With that strategy, UserReplay's videos engage in a way that no animated explainer video ever could.


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