This project has been a true labor of love from the moment I met ShowerMan. Almost 8 years ago I met a gentleman by the name of Mark Balaban who owns a thriving shower door & glass business. His logo was this character called ShowerMan.

When I asked Mark...what does ShowerMan do? What are his powers? He proceeded to tell me and was hooked from that moment. I asked Mark if I could help bring him to life and we did just that!

Who am I you ask? My name is Thomas Ranieri and I am the owner of Blue Star Multimedia LLC dba Postcreatives. I am Producer and Creative Director. In other words the Architect of this entire project. From finding and working with the all of animators, writers, designers and all around good people who have worked with us along the way...enough about me.

Now with the help of Justin Balaban, Mark's son, we have produced a Cartoon for children which is featured on YouTube, children's books about each character that we created in the Blue Star Galaxy, a website and digital coloring book, a comic book and an entire line of bath-time and bed-time development products.

It has been a blast working on this with them. They are now are my truest and best friends, I proudly present to you...


Animated Cartoon Development


ShowerMan is a superhero from the Blue Star Galaxy. Mother Nature called on him to help keep the Earth clean and healthy.

ShowerMan is the mightiest, bravest grime fighter on the planet. He won’t stop until every boy and girl knows the importance of cleanliness and good manners.

ShowerMan's home is Waterfall Sanctuary. This peaceful place has special powers. After every fight against dirt and grime, ShowerMan returns here to rest and recharge.

When a new danger arises, ShowerMan can see it in the waterfall. Then the magical water gives him power to soar through the skies to his next grime-fighting job.

Oh boy! Thank goodness for ShowerMan.

Product Development

We feel that the children will really enjoy cleaning up and getting ready for bath and bed time using the Showerman products and make it a more enjoyable experience for them.

Shampoo Bottle

Comic Book Development

What child doesn't love adventure? Especially at bedtime! We have created a series of origin stories for each character along with a First Edition Comic book that is now for sale. You can find that @

Shower Man

Dr Dirt Origins Cover
Icky Sticky
Mastermould Origins

Website Development

We have created a fun and interactive website that is sure to delight! Cartoons, comic books, bedtime stories and downloadable coloring books will keep your children active for hours all while learning the importance of health, hygiene, good manners and keeping the earth clean!

Site Mockup

Character Development

In addition to ShowerMan please take the time to meet Dr. Dirt, Icky & Sticky, Master Mold (not seen here - Luigi the Squeegee, Mother Nature and so many more). Again we welcome and invite you to visit The Adventures of ShowerMan website @

Master Mold
Icky Sticky

Icky & Sticky are the always together, never far apart germ-spreading duo.

Created by the highly radioactive chemist Master Mold in his underground scientific lab, Icky & Sticky were a mold experiment gone wrong and needed to find their place to fit in.

Once exiled by their creator Master Mold from the scientific lab, Icky & Sticky were found wandering above ground in Skylar City by Dr. Dirt. Dr. Dirt was at the right place at the right time because he was certainly in need of some germ spreading assistants. Icky & Sticky thought they finally found where they belonged, but their usual indecisive selves are unsure once they encounter ShowerMan.

But they do always try their best to make their boss proud.

Driandir Tanius
Adventures of Showerman

Dr. Dirt is behind all the grime on the Earth that ShowerMan fights against. But Dr. Dirt was not always a villain.

Dr. Ian Dir-Taneous started as a robotics engineer. He was working on the Ultimate Dirt Eliminator. This invention was supposed to make cleanup fast and easy.

Unfortunately, he got sucked into and trapped inside his own creation! He came out as Dr. Dirt. Now, he is dedicated to spreading dirt and grime all over the planet.

Dr. Dirt lives underground, in a lab he created, with his tag team, Icky & Sticky.

Master Mold

What was once a low-key, underground mole is now a radioactive, toxic chemist known as Master Mold.

When an unlikely mix of leftover toxic waste and garbage filled the home of a small, unsuspecting mole, things went terribly wrong. The mole transformed into a highly radioactive super villain. Master Mold creates experimental mold spores that spread and multiply on buildings and household items—everything they touch!

Master Mold still lives in his underground burrow. He built his lab here and holds his most special creations for just the right moment. Among his special creations are Dr. Dirt’s germ-spreading duo, Icky & Sticky.

Dr Dirt

"ShowerMan Mobile" Car Wrap Development & Video

Shower Man


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