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Tenfour is a company specializing in information technology innovations. They help businesses advance in to the modern age with revolutionary systems designed to make their business systems more efficient and streamlined. Tenfour provides cloud and IT services in a unique way, having created a measurement for utility used, rather than charging companies for unnecessary and overcomplicated services. As their CEO Bruce Flintcroft puts it, they “turned IT from a service into a utility.”

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Tenfour is dedicated to providing its customers with a unique IT experience. They created a system designed to provide companies with exactly the IT services they require to streamline their business systems without all of the unnecessary fluff traditionally associated with headache inducing IT services.

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When Tenfour approached Postcreatives, they were in the midst of a rebranding effort to bring their company into the modern age. Understanding that rebranding an entire company can be a daunting task, Tenfour wanted to be sure to partner with a creative agency that truly understood their mission. That is where Postcreatives comes in. Postcreatives worked closely with Tenfour on their rebranding and were able to help them design the best vision possible for the next chapter in their company's history. We were able to design a story that would best encapsulate their mission. Working directly with their CEO and marketing division, we were able to produce two videos that could best honor the unique way in which their company works.

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We decided the best approach was to have the man responsible for their innovations and success, the CEO Bruce Flintcroft, explain their story and mission while simultaneously showcasing how their services aid various industries that they work closely with. With their state of the art videos and rebranding efforts providing exactly what they were looking for from a creative agency and video production company, Postcreatives was able to tell the story that Tenfour wished to tell.


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