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San Francisco International Airport Video Creation
Harvey Milk Terminal Video Creation for Commercial Use
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Video creation for SFO Airport
San Francisco International Airport Video creation
San Francisco International Airport commercial video creation

BEUMER Group – a leading global supplier of automated baggage handling systems – has installed the first tote-based Independent Carrier System (ICS) to go live in the US.

The installation of the CrisBag® ICS in the new Harvey Milk Terminal 1, confirms San Francisco Airport (SFO) as a trendsetter for airports in the US. The ICS baggage handling system is designed for shared airline use. The ICS also enables 100% track and trace as each bag remains in the same tote throughout the baggage handling and integrated security screening process. The integration of an Explosives Detection System (EDS) makes CrisBag the first system to be certified by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) for in-tote baggage security screening.

The Harvey Milk Terminal 1 Project is a design build project for which SFO engaged BEUMER, together with the other design build partners during the architectural programming phase. This allowed BEUMER to work with stakeholders to design an optimum baggage system coordinated with the building.

The CrisBag system was installed and tested while the existing Terminal 1 remained in operation, supported by an interim baggage system installed by BEUMER.

San Francisco International Airport corporate video creation
Postcreatives video creation for San Francisco International Airport
Video creation for commercial use

Video creation for corporate and commercial use
Commercial use video creation
Commercial video creation by postcreatives

Postcreatives had the honor of producing and creating this documentary for the Beumer Group. We were able to navigate within the parameters of not only flying into San Francisco in the middle of pandemic but we also dealt with wildfire ash that flew around and landed at our feet.

All the while we kept crew members safe with our pandemic protocols. Safety was our number one priority for our crew and everyone who participated in the 4 days of intense filming.

We are proud of this film as we are with all of our films but to be able to produce such a highly produced film while other production companies were turning away projects out of fear was very gratifying to us!

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