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The Power Patch Story...

Power Patch Infrared Specialists Inc. is a woman-owned infrared pavement patching company, run by pavement industry veteran Kimberly Mazzoni. Kimberly grew up in a construction-focused family and has worked in the pavement industry with her brothers Thomas, Anthony and Gary Eosso for over 20 years.

Kimberly Mazzoni and the Power Patch Infrared Specialists team are well known for their cutting-edge leadership in infrared patching technology. Kim and her Eosso team members were the first to bring infrared pavement patching technology to New Jersey in the mid 90’s, and they continue to lead the way in educating the industry on this highly cost-effective and more eco-friendly method of keeping your asphalt pavement in top shape.

What They Stand For

As a woman-owned and family-operated business, Power Patch Infrared Specialists Inc. operates with a people-first set of core values, based on exceptional customer service, integrity, dependability, quality of work, and operational excellence. In addition to treating every customer as a part of their own family, Power Patch Infrared Specialists Inc. is committed to giving back to those in need: for each infrared patch completed, Power Patch Infrared Specialists Inc. will donate $1 to charity supporting breast cancer awareness and treatment.

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Hopefully we can find a cure for cancer ~ Kim Mazzoni

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