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Pantano Nursery and Landscaping Supply is a giant in its field. Boasting a 10,000 square foot outdoor showroom, expert staff, and top of the line materials, it has become a one-stop shop for all landscaping needs. To address the growing demand for so many of their services, they launched a secondary division- Pantano Power Equipment, which handles wholesale selling of landscaping machinery.

Pantano Laptop

With such a large web presence, Pantano needed a specific landscaping marketing strategy. We developed two separate websites: one for Pantano Landscaping, and one for Pantano Power Supply. The goal was to delineate the two distinct brands while maintaining some cohesiveness that would match the aesthetics of their location. We filled each site with custom videos and photography to capture the complete Pantano experience.

Pantano Web
Pantano Web

Pantano Web

The Pantano Power Equipment site features images of nature that change seasonally depending on the time of year.

Pantano Web

Pantano Commercial Series - Bulk Mulch

Pantano Commercial Series - Overall

In addition to a series of videos that introduce Pantano’s managerial staff, we also produced several 30-second spots to promote different aspects of the company. Each video included a custom motion graphic.

While every video served a distinct purpose, the sheer volume of videos ensured that Pantano would have sufficient assets for their landscaping marketing SEO strategy. 

Pantano Commercial Series - Nursery

“Postcreatives is home to some of the most talented professionals we have ever met. They’ve built a culture of creativity and innovation that consistently meets our expectations. Their dedication and commitment allowed our business to gain a major increase in traffic and sales on our website.”
- Steven Nardiello, Director of Sales and Marketing, Pantano



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