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"Challenging the mind, body and spirit is key."


Nourished Life Design

Nourished Life Design

For years, Jeffrey Jordan has been working with people from all backgrounds to help them become what they were meant to be. His mission is to help people reach their health and wellness goals so they can use their gifts and talents to change the world. He does this by empowering his clients to reach their full potential by focusing on the intrinsic development of the mind, body, and spirit.

Nourished Life Design

We met Jeffrey Jordan right as he started his company, Nourished Life Design, which focuses on personal transformations. We created several branding assets including a promotional health and wellness video, a new website, and business cards to develop his personal brand alongside his company’s professional one. He has since become a national public speaker and guru on fitness, nutrition, youth development, and overall wellness.

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Nourished Life Design’s website underwent a transition of its own as we got to work on designing a mobile-friendly site with an e-commerce functionality. The site’s clean design prominently features all client offerings and wellness programs. We also created a downloadable online assessment which provides value to potential prospects while capturing leads. To top it all off, we embedded his health and wellness video to create another layer of interactivity. 

Nourished Life Design

“I began working with the Postcreatives team about 4 years ago when I approached him about making my website. Not only did I receive a website beyond my dreams, he made my brand come alive. Creatively I have never worked with people as talented as Postcreatives. The way they made my brand, mission, and vision come alive has enabled my message to have national reach. tHey saw what I didn’t see 4 years ago and made my brand a living, breathing, and shining representation of my purpose in life."

- Jeffrey L. Jordan


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