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101 years of engineering excellence.

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Bob Scaer joined Gannett Fleming as an entry-level employee. Paul Nowicki started as an intern. Now the two are at the helm of the 101-year-old engineering firm, serving as CEO and President, respectively.

It’s a unique story, but one that’s not at all uncommon at Gannett Fleming, a company that prides itself on fostering a culture where employees thrive. We were thrilled to partner with Gannett Fleming to produce their internal video, which served to officially introduce the new leadership to the company’s 2000+ employees.

Gannett Fleming is a company that thinks outside the box, and that’s exactly what we wanted to do with this video. Rather than sticking to the typical formula, we mixed visual metaphors to create a totally unique piece that gave a nod towards the past while looking toward the future. Part of that included projecting various images of accomplishments from the company’s 101 year history to give a glimpse at the impact Gannett Fleming has had on our world.

“Our greatest asset is our employee.” - Paul Nowicki, President, Gannett Fleming

Team Work

Gannett Fleming’s success is a testament to its dedicated employees, and we wanted to make sure that they were a main focus of this video. We were lucky to visit Gannett Fleming’s headquarters, where we filmed with several employees, each of whom held up a blank canvas. We rotoscoped and tracked photos of their personal projects onto the canvasses to convey the impact they’ve made - not only in the company, but in the world at large.

Bob and Paul

To round out this internal video, we ultimately brought the focus back to the subjects, Bob and Paul. We featured introspective moments between the two as they looked at the images and videos on the walls, giving them an opportunity to reflect on the history of the company while focusing on their future plans.

This internal video doubled as a public-facing piece of marketing content and has since collected thousands of views on social media. It was also honored with a Platinum AVA Digital award for Excellence in video production.


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