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"As a consumer, you want to trust that your title agent has the best processes implemented into their business. You just want to expect that it's all going to happen. We're there to allow for a simple process from start to finish."

-Ben Vass, Managing Director at Easy Soft

Easy Soft

For over 30 years, Easy Soft has specialized in helping law firms and attorneys automate processes, streamline repetitive tasks, and simplify their workflow. Their desktop and cloud solutions increase productivity for thousands of attorneys and legal professionals nationwide. Easy Soft came to us to produce their software explainer video to familiarize the masses with their headache-saving technology.

Easy Soft
Easy Soft

Easy Soft was experiencing two common objections in their real estate vertical: agents didn’t understand the software, and weren’t sure how they would use it.

Easy Soft

To solve this problem, we produced a software explainer video that gave viewers a high level overview of the product’s capabilities while demonstrating real-life use cases for the software. This let the target audience visualize their need for the Easy Soft product suite while also showcasing its ease of use. More importantly, it shifted focus onto the end user of Easy Soft's typical clientele, which helps drive home the potential impact.

Thousands of attorneys and legal professionals nationwide use Easy Soft products to increase their office productivity.


Software Explainer Video

Knowing that Easy Soft's strategy was to promote the video on the Home page of their website, and make it front and center, there was very little room for error.

Their video needed to be a big hit among their prospective clientele!

We were very happy to learn that they received over 45,000 new hits on their YouTube channel and drove tons of traffic opportunities and conversions to the Nationwide software company.



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