Following the tragedy of the Boston bombing, Total Recall Corporation knew that it had to find a way to help make communities safer. The result was CrimeEye, a high definition network of temporary and easily portable security cameras that can be put up and taken down at a moment’s notice to provide additional security during community events.


Building Crime Eye
City Meeting

Crime Installtion
Crime Eye Box

Just as Postcreatives likes to do their due diligence when it comes to learning all we can about your business to help tell your story, Total Recall did the same to us! After following our work and portfolio for months, Total Recall knew that we were the right video production partner for them.

Crime Eye Box

Postcreatives worked hard with Total Recall to give CrimeEye the attention and showcase it deserved. Postcreatives felt that the best way to show just how much of a difference CrimeEye can make was to ask the people it would most directly help…the police! So we went all the way to Chattanooga, Tennessee where the local police department was finishing a trial run of CrimeEye in their city. Following an overwhelming response, we even went right to some of the citizens of Chattanooga to see how CrimeEye was positively affecting their lives. The last element necessary to finish the story we set out to tell about CrimeEye was to hear directly from the people responsible for it’s creation.

Jordan Crime Eye
Installing Crime Eye
Crime Eye

More Crime Eye
Crime Eye

Following our production of the video, CrimeEye has become an international sensation thanks to the exposure our video helped provide them. CrimeEye has even made its way all the way to Dubai! The video that Postcreatives produced was cited as the main lead of all such clients! Postcreatives is very proud of the reach and exposure our video has brought CrimeEye as we do our small part to help keep our communities safe.


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