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Celebrating 40 Years of  Comfort

As a former teacher, Howard Albert started Arctic Air Conditioning in 1977 to fill his time productively in the summer. Business took off, and 40 years later, Arctic Air is one of the premier HVAC companies in Central New Jersey. The family-owned business specializes in residential and commercial air conditioning, heating, humidification, and air quality - 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


Howard has since passed the business down to his son, Albert, who has led the charge with a new digital HVAC marketing strategy. We were thrilled to produce Arctic Air's first ever video campaign. 

Arctic Air
Arctic Air

To celebrate their 40th year in business, we conceptualized and produced a business documentary and a pre-roll ad campaign to highlight the environments that Arctic Air makes possible: warm, comfortable homes where you can make memories with your family. These ads were part of an overall HVAC marketing strategy that included a strong focus on SEO and building brand awareness. 

Arctic Air

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Each pre-roll ad prominently features the Arctic Air brand while featuring a variation of people. This ensured that the content would stay fresh for viewers who may be sequentially targeted without losing the consistency of the branding. 

“It’s a privilege to have an opportunity to walk into a customer’s house. We value that privilege.”

- Ross Albert


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