Health and Wellness videos educate consumers and drive profits


The health and wellness industry is broad and diverse, and its many businesses rely on connecting personally with customers or patients. Compelling, high-quality videos are necessary to educate, communicate, and connect with consumers.

Successful video production companies are aware the goals of the client must be at the root of any video production and drive the creative process. That’s why every video needs a unique approach. Even within the same industry, businesses have distinct cultures and may use videos for different purposes. The following are examples of health and wellness videos produced by Postcreatives.

Advanced Wellness

Advanced Wellness is a multi-specialty practice including doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, nutritionists, and pain management specialists. They emphasize treating the whole patient and provide therapy for a wide variety of conditions along with nutrition and weight management. The company’s goal in making a video was to introduce their unique approach to combining therapies. Using a mix of practitioners’ and patients’ testimonials, Postcreatives was able to highlight both the clinical perspective and the patient experience.

Nourished Life Design

Nourished Life Design is the business of Jeffrey L. Jordan, a wellness coach offering health coaching, wellness workshops, speaking events, and more. The business emphasizes coaching and education about wellness and nutrition. Jeff’s goal for the video was to introduce himself, his philosophy, and his mission. The video needed to give viewers a sense of his personality and communicate his deep commitment to his work and his clients. The video features a series of images of Jeff alone in nature or working with clients while music or a voice-over plays in the background. Interviews with clients focus on their positive relationship with Jeff.

Relentless Training

Relentless Training is a gym providing the unique Ignite9 workout program along with personal training and health and nutrition seminars. The business’s goal for the video was to tell the founder’s personal, motivational story and to showcase the high energy workouts they offer. In planning video production for gyms, it’s important to use images and music that evoke strength and speed, such as scenes with movement, music with a driving rhythm, and short cuts. To allude to the Ignite9 workout program, an image of flames is used to transition between scenes.

Postcreatives Health & Wellness Demo Reel

Postcreatives works with many health professionals and wellness organizations to create videos intended to be featured on their websites and social media channels. Not only are website visitors more likely to view a video compared to reading text, a video can help increase a websites ranking in search engine results. With over 40 years of combined experience in video production, Postcreatives video editors not only have expertise but high professional standards to offer the health and wellness industry. Contact us today to get started.