Why DIY Videos are not Saving you but Costing you BIG Money!

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The DIY trend is becoming increasingly popular in the US. In the quest of saving a few dollars, many businesses end up paying a huge price, compromising their brand image and sales all due to poor quality DIY videos.

A brand’s image can take years—and lots of dollars—to build, but skimping on video production (let alone photography) could negatively impact the prestige of the brand, making it vulnerable to collapsing like a house of cards. A study by Conviva shows that content producers lost $2.16 billion in revenues due to poor quality video streaming. It impacted significantly on their viewer engagement and made a bad impression.

The idea of DIY video making may sound attractive due to the low cost factor. With a camcorder or a smart phone you can easily create a video and post online, but does it have the same quality of a professionally produced video? Absolutely not! Though you can create a video using DIY videos tools and techniques, you can never achieve the same quality that only a professional can deliver.

A professional has the experience, equipment, expertise, and a team. And using these factors to their strength, a professional video production company is able to produce a superior quality video in terms of concept, execution and post-production. This conveys your brand message with a greater impact and more persuasion.

A DIY poor quality video can hurt your brand image in more ways than you can imagine:

A study by Conviva shows that content producers lost $2.16 billion in revenues due to poor quality video streaming.

  1. It Shows That Quality is Not Important For Your Business
    By compromising on the quality of your video, you are telling your audience that quality is not an important factor for you. It makes a negative impact on your potential and existing customers. Can customers really expect quality services and products after watching such a video?
  2. It Shows Your Lack of Professionalism and Interest in Your Business
    A DIY poor quality video is enough to make a bad impression about your business. It shows your lack of interest in your own business and professionalism. So, how can they expect you to take their business seriously?
  3. Losing Sales and Customers
    Badly executed videos fail to engage viewers. When your potential customer doesn’t watch the video and closes it right away, your message doesn’t get conveyed and so you lose a potential sale and a customer. Drop in sales lower your chances of generating revenue, thereby reducing your business profitability.

So, is low cost more important for you than your brand image? If not, then get in touch with the pros! Here at Postcreatives we can produce a customer driven engaging video in a short amount of time and help you establish an impactful brand image.