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No matter what your industry is, our custom photography will capture you in the best light.

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Today's "Instagram culture" means that thousands of images are being shared each second. People respond to photos with more enthusiasm than we do with text. Because of this, quality custom photography and video production have become essential for any business to succeed online.

With so many images crossing our field of vision each day, it's important for your business to be represented in the best light and with the best visuals so that you can stand out from the crowd. Postcreatives is proud to offer custom photography services to our clients. Our photos don't just look stunning—they're great for marketing your business and showing potential customers what you're all about.

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How Can Custom Photography Benefit You?

Build a strong brand around unique imagery and watch sales increase.

High quality shots of your product can turn casual website visitors into customers.

For businesses who sell a product online, high-resolution custom photography is essential and should not be overlooked. Tiny, pixelated images do little to entice visitors to add a product to their cart. This is especially important for more expensive items since people are less willing to spend money on something they can not visualize before it arrives to their door. Even if you haven’t built an e-commerce website yet, product photography will look great on flyers or postcards that you hand out – and it’ll be in the correct resolution for printing.


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Giving a peek inside your business shows that you are approachable.

Text can only say so much about your business. What goes on behind the scenes at your company? Showing your visitors photos of your staff, office space, completed projects, or product in use makes your website more personal. Instead of using stock photography, which can easily be purchased by other companies, consider professional photography to capture your business as you see it. Generic photos (or none at all) make your company appear just as generic to someone who doesn’t know it as well as you do.

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Showing quality photographs will attract quality clients and customers.

Low-resolution, blurry, or grainy photographs show a lack of effort that will translate to lower sales. Many businesses today choose to cut costs by using iPhone photos or buying a cheap point-and-shoot camera, but even those who buy expensive equipment and cameras may suffer if they don’t have the knowledge to use it well. Composition, lighting, and focus are all important parts of the photography process and without all three of these working in tandem, your photos will fail. The average customer is smarter than you think! They will recognize the difference between DIY and professional photography.

Blog posts and social media updates with images increase engagement.

Statistics show that articles with images get 94% more views than those that don’t. On Facebook, images have 37% more engagement than text posts. The Internet is brimming with visual media; images and videos have the power to go viral in a matter of hours. This goes to show the importance of photography and video on your website and in social media posts. Having your own unique images sets you apart from the competition and gets those likes, shares, and comments rolling in.

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Consider your Search Engine Optimization

For better overall optimization and visibility, you can tag your photos/images so that they can be properly indexed by Google and other search providers. By creating custom images and tagging them correctly, you will improve your website's chances to rank higher across Search Engines and increase ways in which potential customers can find you online and help turn them into dedicated followers.

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