Corporate Films and Commercials


Corporate Films, Commercials and other promotional videos are no longer an interesting extra that gives one business an edge over another; they are advertising necessities.

Video is a medium that can be informational, introduce new businesses to potential customers, and entertain people at the same time. Videos are an equally helpful tool for finding investors and convincing lenders of the corporation’s professionalism.

Why Businesses Need Video

Corporate films and commercials have many uses. They can be training videos for new hires or can help companies meet safety regulations required by their insurance companies. They can be shown at board meetings or corporate events to inform everyone of new advances, progress on projects, or anything else that is beneficial for employees to know. They also are a way to advertise to potential customers and to help more people become familiar with the company and what they do.

Where to Use Videos

In addition to meetings, in the office and at corporate events, there are a number of places where corporate videos are used. They can be posted on video sharing sites, put on corporate websites, and used to make social media accounts more interesting and engaging. Many businesses are now adding videos to their blogs to increase their range and encourage new customers to review the information they’re sharing.

Why They’re Useful

Studies have shown that certain audiences are less inclined to take the time to read through lengthy articles, advertising brochures, and blog posts. Without video it is easy to lose their interest and potentially their business. By having videos as well as written content, it is easier to inform and engage more people with the same information.

How to Create Corporate Films and Commercials

It’s acceptable when viral videos are grainy or low-quality, but only when they are candid movies or made just for entertainment. Business owners need to have a higher level of professionalism for their videos because they reflect on the entire company. A corporate video with poor sound, insufficient lighting, or choppy editing will seem cheap and hastily thrown together. Few clients will be interested in working with anyone who seems to have so little interest in producing a quality finished product. Every video needs to have a theme, script, and be professional in every way. That includes how it is filmed, who is in it and the content itself.

Who to Trust

To accomplish this level of professionalism, every business needs to consider video production companies that understand the specific needs of commercial productions. They should be willing to understand what the purpose of the video is, what the company does and look for an angle that will highlight their attributes. In addition, they need to have the technical skill to make it look professional. Corporate films and commercials in should only be made by businesses that focus on this type of production, not just a production company that promises they can do anything. This can all be done with Postcreatives.

Because there are so many places to present videos, it is possible for millions of people to have the opportunity to see them. It gives companies the ability to have an enormous amount of exposure that can provide a substantial return for their investment. Done well, many of these videos can remain relevant for years. With professional commercials and films, it is possible for even small companies to compete in the global marketplace. Of course, the potential only exists when the videos are professional, informative, and engaging. Before spending any money, take the time to conceptualize what you’d like to see a video say about your business and then contact Postcreatives to help you bring that concept to life..