Want Your Business To Compete on a Higher Level? Here’s how…

By now, most businesses know the importance of using video to market their products or services. An engaging video is more likely to capture the attention of a busy person than the same content written as a blog post.

However, the differences in the way videos are made can make a big difference in whether they go viral or simply sit on a website, not getting many plays. Knowing the differences between cinematography vs. videography can help companies decide which option is right for them.


Videography is a term used for the process of making videos. Nearly anyone with a camera can be an amateur videographer. In fact, lots of people today shoot DIY videos for the Internet that likely won’t be viewed outside of YouTube. Some of them are decent quality because they use good cameras. However, with basic videography, the end result can seem amateur even if the person shooting the video charges premium rates. That’s because they don’t take all the elements of a great product into account, including the lighting and lenses used.



Cinematography is much more than shooting a video—it’s shooting a full-on production. Some people describe their completed projects as mini-movies rather than as marketing videos. When you work with a cinematographer as a business owner, you are actually working with a team of people who all specialize in some aspect of the production. For example, one person will be holding the camera, another will be giving direction to the actors in the video and another will manage the lighting so everything looks perfect. The process starts well before shooting begins.

A great script can make a huge difference when it comes to how well a video is received by its audience. A production company that truly understands the business is in an optimal position to help write a script that will compel viewers to take the call to action. With cinematography, as opposed to videography, the script is more about telling a story than selling a product. People today are accustomed to fast-forwarding over commercials on television and skipping ads in online videos. A production that is merely an advertisement for a product or service won’t be well-received by very many people. However, a message that tells the story of the company or even how the product solved a problem for another customer is much more likely to be viewed in its entirety.

Cinematography is much more than shooting a video—it’s shooting a full-on production.

Business owners who want a video merely for the sake of having a video on their website may be satisfied with the results offered by a videographer. These professionals use high-quality cameras and often produce nice products for their customers. When a potential client sees one of these videos online, they’ll know it was done by a professional rather than someone using a smartphone camera. The editing software videographers use help to make the final product look great when it’s posted online. When cost is the determining factor, this can be an affordable solution.

On the other hand, when a company has been in business for a while and needs a video that will show customers exactly why they are the obvious choice over the competition, cinematography is the ideal choice. Business owners who choose this option can expect to work with a trained crew who will ensure the lighting is perfect, the perfect lenses are used for each portion of the video, and that the subject looks flawless throughout the production. Rather than simply capturing the person speaking on camera, a cinematographer creates a feeling for the viewer. These videos are more likely to be shared because the video itself is interesting – not because of the product or service being sold.

Cinematography as Art

Anyone can shoot a video. However, it takes an experienced team of professionals to put together a true production. Business owners can expect a set as well as people around to adjust the scene or the lighting to capture the feeling of the production. Small business owners who want to compete on a higher level need this kind of video representing their company. Any average business can create a video and post it on their site or even on their YouTube channel, but only the best videos are shared on social media to the point where they get millions of views from potential paying customers.

Editing Video

You can expect your video to go through an extensive editing process that ensures only the best shots are shown to the world. When you choose the experienced production team at Postcreatives, we can be certain you’ll get a result you’ll be proud to show to everyone. You and your team will work together from the beginning to get an accurate representation of the feeling and goals of the production so you can be happy with the video when it’s finished. This type of service is not for every company. In fact, only those that are really serious about getting their message out in front of the maximum amount of potential customers should even go through the process of cinematography. Brand new businesses and those on a strict budget may get a satisfactory result from the less-intensive process of videography.