Thomas Ranieri

Producer & Creative Director

Thomas Ranieri is an experienced visionary, focused on defining, evolving, and bringing a brand to life in meaningful ways. Tom understands and connects product and marketing to help build a cohesive experience across all channels. He can align all creative systems and campaigns to the strategy and business goals of the company, while clearly defining the what and why. Tom is a leader who has the ability to mentor and grow a multi-disciplined brand, creative culture, and a studio team. He is not afraid to roll up his sleeves and dig deep into the discovery process to learn all that there is to know about your business verticals. Above all, he is passionate, courageous, and excited about life experiences and the journey.

The creative life journey of Cody Hoerig started in the still photography realm. However, it was only a matter of time until he realized his calling was in the motion picture industry. Cody directed and produced his first feature film at the age of 24. The Mercury Cycle was met with critical acclaim and went on to win multiple awards on the festival circuit. Cody went on to work as a Camera Operator and Field Producer for a television show on FOX networks. After his stint in television and many other commercial side projects, Cody directed and produced a complete series package for major US streaming and broadcast networks. Currently, Cody has found his niche in the commercial directing and producing world and goes to war daily with the Postcreatives team.

Cody Hoerig


Mike Mazza

Editor & Colorist

Mike Mazza is a filmmaker and editor who comes to Postcreatives after graduating with honors from Felician University with a B.A. in Communications/Video Production.

Prior to Postcreatives, Mike worked in production for a New York marketing firm. He then honed his skills on the hit CBS police drama Blue Bloods and most recently as a Broadcast Associate with the Major League Baseball Network.

It is through these broad professional experiences that Mike brings a unique and creative eye to Postcreatives and their client base.

Michael Deininger is an editor and colorist at Postcreatives. He is a graduate from Temple University's school for Film and Media Arts. He's always had a passion for video production/film and is happy to be able to pursue it as a career with Postcreatives. He loves working on video projects and telling stories as well as collaborating with others. He loves being at Postcreatives where he can thrive creatively by working in a creative atmosphere with a second-to-none team of visionaries.

Mike Deininger

Editor & Colorist

Matthew Gary

Camera & Production Assistant

Matthew Gary is an energetic young college student grinding his way through the industry from the ground up. Always eager and ready to learn, Matt is learning the ropes of the industry as he works his way through school. With the hands on experience Matt is learning with Postcreatives, he is quickly discovering more and more creative avenues to hone his burgeoning craft. Attentive and with an acute eye for detail, Matt is proving that he can add value to projects in even the most surprising of ways. With a work ethic like Matt’s, his star will surely soon shine bright at Postcreatives.