2018: Postcreatives’ A-Year-in-Review

Year in Review

2018 was, undoubtedly, the most memorable year on record for Postcreatives. Our 2017 brought significant changes that set 2018 up to be a potentially great year—new location, new creative talent, renewed focus—and wow, did it deliver!

Our growth over these past few years has given us the ability to say, with extreme gratitude, that 2018 has blessed us with the ability to work with some of the biggest clients we’ve had to date. With all the unique challenges our team has been tasked with, we’ve not only held our own but we’ve delivered videos that have exceeded our wildest expectations. It sure wasn’t easy, and it’s made for one whirlwind of a year, but we wouldn’t have it any other way!

One such client Postcreatives has had the pleasure of working with this year was Spirit Halloween, a division of Spencer Gifts, on an amazing video showcasing their new animatronic products. Spirit was looking for Postcreatives’ signature blend of cinematic and engaging video, giving us the opportunity to produce one of our coolest videos to date. We conceptualized and shot a series of 24 videos that was able capture the SPIRIT of Spirit Halloween and the amazing products they have like no other. Over this Halloween season, Spirit played our videos in every single one of their 1325 stores nationwide and in Canada! The video series has garnered national attention, with over 2.6 million views online including almost a million views and counting on the headliner video alone.

Getting the opportunity to work with a fast growing SaaS company this year was a dream-come-true for Postcreatives when we produced a video with WorkWave. Based out of the beautiful and innovative “Metroburb,” aka the Bell Works complex in Holmdel, NJ, WorkWave provides solutions for clients from all over the world who reach out to them to solve issues with their technical systems and logistical problems; clients like Waste Management, ServPro, and more. Having been impressed with our original and authentic approach to storytelling, WorkWave looked to us to put a spotlight on the positive impact they have on their clients’ lives and businesses. The first video in a series of testimonials we shot for them also marked a first for Postcreatives in its nearly 8-year history: we were tasked with shooting internationally; a true milestone. We flew out to Vancouver, Canada to capture how WorkWave helps businesses all over the world solve their problems. We can’t wait to work with WorkWave again; who knows where it will take us next!

Having the great fortune to work with Ann Green Communications, one of the premier public relations firms in the world, was one of Postcreatives biggest and most exciting productions to date. We were entrusted with, and given the freedom to, produce an artistically cinematic culture video for Ann Green’s client, Air Liquide Advanced Materials—a multi-billion dollar player in the global semiconductor industry. We showcased the brilliance, innovation, and dedication to safety that ALAM’s employees have every day when they are engineering the chemicals that give us amazing new technologies and help propel innovation in AI, automated driving, virtual reality, and computing.

These three highlights are just a small sample of the bevy of awesome projects that we’ve worked on in 2018. We are excited to continue these relationships as we march forward into the new year. As excited as we are to take on great clients such as these, Postcreatives prides ourselves on working with businesses of all sizes, in all industries, and building long-term relationships just as we have with some of our favorite long-time clients like Pulte Group and Advanced Wellness. With the small- and medium-sized business packages we introduced this year, it is now more affordable than ever to create and produce a video that is perfectly tailored to your needs!

From the bottom of our hearts, the Postcreatives crew thanks all of you for supporting our journey. Whether you’ve hired us for your video projects, enjoyed what we’ve put out, or even checked out the blogs, you’ve helped make 2018 the amazing year it was. We wish all of you success in 2019, and we are enthusiastic for what this year already has lined up that we can’t wait to see how the year shapes up!